The Fred Waara Chapter of Trout Unlimitted is fortunate to be led by a President and Board of Directors who provide the leadership for the organization today and the direction for its conservation agenda in the future.

Our board is comprised of a group of leaders with diverse professional experience and backgrounds—from both the corporate and non-profit sectors—and is always looking for new talent with new ideas, energy, vision and commitment to the Trout Unlimited mission.

In accordance with our FWCTU Strategic Plan, our chapter is pursuing a number of conservation projects within our chapter coverage area. Please review the chapter Strategic Plan and let us know where you’d like to contribute your time.

Please contact any officer or member of our Board of Directors regarding your interest in joining our chapter and/or one of our committees.  See our calendar for our monthly meeting schedule. Board meeting are open to all chapter members. Read the FWCTU Chapter bylaws and strategic plan to learn more about the chapter’s mission and organization along with the nomination and election of offices and directors, and other information.

  • President: John Highlen
  • Vice President: Jim Jenkin
  • Past President: Ryan McCone
  • Secretary: Jim Cantrill
  • Treasurer: Doug Miller
  • Conservation Committee Chair: Mike Golas
  • Education Committee Chair: John Reinertsen
  • Salmon in the Classroom Chair: Curt Noel
  • Fundraising Committee: Doug Miller, Jim Jenkin, Jim Cantrill
  • Commuinications Chair: Bob Jensen
  • Website and Email: Doug Miller

Board Members:

  • Doug Vanerka
  • Mark Arrieri
  • Doug Miller, Sr.
  • Ivan Martysz
  • Kimberly Wetton
  • Dale Thronle
  • Brandon Gerig
  • Jason Nicholas
  • John Reinertsen
  • Josh Trader
  • Bob Moody