The Fred Waara Chapter of TU advocates for the conservation, protection and restoration of coldwater watersheds. We primarily do this through Michigan Trout Unlimited where their technical staff provides direct input to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and its Natural Resources Commission. Of course there are also opportunities for advocacy on national issues. Trout Unlimited nationally and locally bases its advocacy efforts on scientific evidence and known best management practices.

With the availability of new federal funds, members should be especially alert for and bring to our attention local infrastructure projects that might relate to coldwater stream quality.

Our success is dependent on the active participation in these efforts by TU members and conservation partners. We can provide timely information on various topics to our members through our Facebook page or Chapter membership emails which can include specific opportunities for member involvement.

Especially in the Upper Peninsula, our representatives are well-versed in the value of outdoor recreation and conservation of our resources. Therefore, we encourage your direct contact with your representatives in the state of Michigan and even the Federal government. The most effective means of advocacy often comes from individual citizens communicating with their government representatives. Very often, just a few phone calls have a tremendous impact, and can sway a decision one way or the other.